Club Wooden Spoon

The club has been going now for a fair few years and in those years, various members of the club have won trophies playing at WPS, GW and independent club tournaments for various game systems. This includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Most Sporting and even Best Painted - TWGC club members have won all of these trophies.

However the most important trophy to any Tanelorn player is the Tanelorn Club Wooden Spoon. Steeped in tradition from when the club first started, this trophy is coveted by any club player. The rules are simple:-

1. Three or more club players attend an event.

2. To qualify as being a club player for the Club Wooden Spoon, then the club members must be paid up club members for the current year OR club players that have attended the club in the current year AMD were paid up club members in the previous year to the current year. The current year being the same year of the event that is being attended by club players for trying to "win" the club wooden spoon. Confused you will be!

3. Then the lowest placing Tanelorn club player at the tournament wins the Tanelorn Club Wooden Spoon.

All the best players have won this trophy and for a laugh, we've decided to record the winners from 2009 onwards.

Wooden Spoon

Most Wooden Spoons for 2019

Place Name Number of spoons
1Conrad EJ Gonsalves4
2John Jackson1
John Snape1
Nigel Doherty1

Most Wooden Spoons since records began

Place Name Number of spoons
1Conrad EJ Gonsalves24
2Jay Taylor12
3Matt Cole8
4Phil Gedge7
5Matt Rowan4
Jon Webb4
7John Snape3
Nick Roberts3
Aaron Boyhan3

Event Wooden Spoon

Year Event System Date Name
2019 Warmachine and Hordes UK Nationals Hordes/Warmachine 2019-10-05 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Ardacon 2019 Middle Earth Strategy Bat 2019-08-16 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Shadespire Monthly Tournament Shadespire 2019-06-02 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Welsh Masters 2019 Hordes/Warmachine 2019-05-18 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
There and Back Again Middle Earth Strategy Bat 2019-05-11 Nigel Doherty
Underworlds Tournament at Marquee Models Shadespire 2019-03-23 John Snape
Underworlds One Day Mashup Shadespire 2019-03-03 John Jackson
2018 Big Trouble in Little China Hordes/Warmachine 2018-08-19 Jay Taylor
The London GT Warhammer 40k 2018-05-19 Daniel Turner
Welsh Masters 2018 Hordes/Warmachine 2018-05-19 Jay Taylor
Full Scale Assault Epic Armageddon 2018-02-24 Nick Roberts
2017 Welsh Masters 2017 Hordes/Warmachine 2017-05-13 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
2016 Warmachine and Hordes UK Nationals Hordes/Warmachine 2016-09-03 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Rush Goalie 2 Guildball 2016-05-21 Dave Bartley
Welsh Masters 2016 Hordes/Warmachine 2016-05-14 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Daffcon The Roots of Magic 2016-04-10 Matt Cole
2015 Mini SE/E Coast Masters Hordes/Warmachine 2015-10-24 Jay Taylor
Malifolk 4 Malifaux 2015-10-11 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Northern Cadre Relic Knights 2015-07-11 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Summer Showdown Malifaux 2015-06-14 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Welsh Masters Hordes/Warmachine 2015-05-16 Nick Roberts
TWGC Malifaux Doubles Malifaux 2015-04-11 Matt Cole
2014 London Team Tournament Hordes/Warmachine 2014-12-06 Jay Taylor
Malifolk 3 Malifaux 2014-10-18 Matt Cole
SE Masters Hordes/Warmachine 2014-10-11 Jay Taylor
The UK National Masters Hordes/Warmachine 2014-09-20 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
The Collective. Month 1, First Contact Star Trek Attack Wing 2014-08-23 Aaron Boyhan
Midsummer Meltdown Hordes/Warmachine 2014-07-12 Phil Gedge
The Welsh Open Hordes/Warmachine 2014-05-17 Jay Taylor
South East Club Challenge Hordes/Warmachine 2014-04-27 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
2013 The London Team Challenge Hordes/Warmachine 2013-11-30 Nick Roberts
The Chelmsford Chump Hordes/Warmachine 2013-11-03 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
The London Masters Hordes/Warmachine 2013-10-26 Jay Taylor
The Clash at Demonhead Hordes/Warmachine 2013-07-27 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
The UK National Masters Hordes/Warmachine 2013-06-29 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Into Darkness (Dark Sphere/CGC) Hordes/Warmachine 2013-06-15 Phil Gedge
The Welsh Open Hordes/Warmachine 2013-04-27 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Dark Sphere's Screeching Steel Hordes/Warmachine 2013-04-06 Phil Gedge
Tanelorn Winter Offensive Hordes/Warmachine 2013-01-26 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
2012 Sun Sea and SoulStones Malifaux 2012-11-25 Mike Soar
London Steamroller 2012 Final Hordes/Warmachine 2012-11-17 Jay Taylor
CGC Tiers For Fears Hordes/Warmachine 2012-10-13 Jon Webb
London Steamroller 2012 Heat 4 (Harlow) Hordes/Warmachine 2012-09-29 Matt Rowan
Cambridge Steamroller Tournament Hordes/Warmachine 2012-09-16 Jay Taylor
London Dry Hardcore Hordes/Warmachine 2012-09-08 Matt Cole
Tanelorn Summer Slaughter Hordes/Warmachine 2012-07-30 Matt Rowan
ETC 2012 Hordes/Warmachine 2012-07-07 Des Brennan
London Steamroller 2012 Heat 2 CGC Hordes/Warmachine 2012-06-16 Richard Fitzmaurice
The WPS Club Challenge Malifaux 2012-05-25 Mark Wood
The UK Masters Hordes/Warmachine 2012-05-25 Jay Taylor
The Welsh Open Hordes/Warmachine 2012-05-12 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Welsh/Masters Tuneup Tournament Hordes/Warmachine 2012-05-05 Matt Cole
Heat 1 London Steamroller 2012 Hordes/Warmachine 2012-03-24 Jay Taylor
Smogcon Saturday Hardcore Hordes/Warmachine 2012-02-25 Aaron Boyhan
Blood & Steel Bristol Hordes/Warmachine 2012-02-11 Matt Rowan
Harlow Games Club H/WM Tournament Hordes/Warmachine 2012-01-22 Jon Webb
2011 The Oxford Pentathlon Hordes/Warmachine 2011-11-19 Nigel Doherty
Fun Quick & Dirty Hordes/Warmachine 2011-09-11 John Snape
UK Hardcore Heat 6 London Hordes/Warmachine 2011-09-04 Tim Lawrence
Cardiff Carnage 2011 Hordes/Warmachine 2011-08-27 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Hordes/Warmachine ETC 2011 Hordes/Warmachine 2011-07-02 Dave Bartley
Canterbury Hordes/Warmachine 2011-06-18 Des Brennan
The UK Masters Hordes/Warmachine 2011-06-04 Robert Mitchell
The Welsh Open Hordes/Warmachine 2011-05-07 Matt Rowan
UK Hardcore Heat 2 Northam Hordes/Warmachine 2011-02-20 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
TWGC Steamroller 1 dayer Hordes/Warmachine 2011-01-30 Matt Cole
Darksphere 1 Day Event Hordes/Warmachine 2011-01-23 Matt Cole
2010 Aftermath - Norwich Hordes/Warmachine 2010-12-05 Kevin Bryant
Fun Quick and Dirty Hordes/Warmachine 2010-10-10 Jon Webb
Oxford Gaming Club Event Hordes/Warmachine 2010-10-09 Robert Michell
Cardiff Carnage Hordes/Warmachine 2010-08-28 Richard Fitzmaurice
Tanelorn Genesis Hordes 2010-08-15 Chris Wood
Eastern Front - Norwich Hordes/Warmachine 2010-08-01 Bruno Baron
Hordes/Warmachine ETC 2010 Hordes/Warmachine 2010-07-03 Matt Cole
UK Nationals Hordes/Warmachine 2010-06-05 Phil Gedge
The Welsh Open Hordes/Warmachine 2010-05-08 Aaron Boyhan
Canterbury Hordes/Warmachine 2010-03-27 Phil Gedge
Marple Massacre III Hordes/Warmachine 2010-03-20 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Tanelorn Resurgence Warmachine 2010-02-21 Robin Poulton
Canterbury Resurgence Hordes/Warmachine 2010-01-23 Jon Webb
2009 Birmingham Beatdown Monsterpocalypse 2009-11-28 Chris Wood
Savage Skies - Maels Hordes/Warmachine 2009-11-21 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
London Stampede 2009 Hordes/Warmachine 2009-11-01 Andrew Harris
Canterbury Hordes/Warmachine 2009-10-03 Phil Gedge
Cardiff Carnage Hordes/Warmachine 2009-08-29 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
Charing Cross Crush Hordes/Warmachine 2009-07-21 Conrad EJ Gonsalves
UK Nationals Hordes/Warmachine 2009-06-07 Andre Olivares
Club Challenge Multi System 2009-05-17 Chris Nobbs
London Riots 2009 Hordes/Warmachine 2009-03-22 Jay Taylor
Mersey Meltdown 2009 WFB 2009-02-28 Dan Tunbridge
Battlenet Norwich Hordes/Warmachine 2009-02-15 Phil Gedge
Sheffield Slaughter WFB 2009-01-25 Mark Wood
Canterbury 350 Hordes/Warmachine 2009-01-17 John Snape
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